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14 Stone Platinum Ring
18ct White Gold & Diamond Ring
Pendant w. Fancy Aquamarine
Silver Ring w. Green Amethyst
Platinum necklace with 6 Stones
Bag Earrings with Aquamarines
Tubular Ring with 4 Sapphires
18ct & Dia Shark Cufflinks
Initials Cufflinks
Ladder Bangle with Garnets
Onyx and Tanzanite Pendant
Crossed Not Cross-over ring
Diamond Claw-set ET Ring
Diamond Ring
18ct Gold and Matrix Opal Pendant
Cross-over ring w. 2 Green Garnets
Diamond Ring
Double Ring with Princess-cut Dia.
18ct Cross-over Bangle w. Stones
18ct Gold Hallmark Ring
Adored Ring
Imperial Topaz Pendant
18ct White Gold and Diamond Ring
18ct Gold Half ET Ring
Half ET ring with 4 Diamonds
Platinum & Dia. Channel Set Ring
18ct Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring
Platinum, 18ct, Ruby & Dia. Pendant
Short Grasses Earrings w. Amethysts
Large Double Band Ring w. Baguette
Silver & Gold Circle Earrings
Organic Pendant
3 Gold Straight-over Cross
Platinum and Diamond Ring
Gold, Silver & Dia. Champagne Ring
Gertrud Pendant with 2 Diamonds
Triple Straight-over Bangle in 3Gold
18ct Gold & Dia. Channel Set Ring
18ct Gold and 2 Diamond Pendant
White Gold Wedding ring
Helen ring with Aquamarine
Rainbow Stick Earrings
Short Grasses Pendant with Diamonds
2 Diamond ring
Long Grasses Earrings w. 3 Amethysts
Drop Earrings with Coloured Stones
Sapphire, Ruby and Dia. Not X-over
Aquamarine and Diamond Platinum ring
Daisy Chain Pendant w. 2 Stones
Diamond ring with engraving
Blue Topaz Drop Earrings
Silver & Gold Circle Necklace
18ct Gold Rainbow ET Ring
18ct Gold, Platinum and Diamond Ring
Lattice Tear Drop Pendant
Platinum and Diamond Ring
Multi Coloured Champagne Ring
Swirly Woodknot Ring
Mini Cross-over ring with 2 Stones
Crossed Not-Cross-over Ring
Bag Pendant with Aquamarine
Ring with multi coloured stones
Bag Pendant with Aquamarine
Double Stud Earrings with Diamonds
Pyramid Pendant
Gold Trilliant ring with Diamond
Symmetrical Ring
Tubular Pendant w. Sapphire & 2 Dia.
Christening Bracelet
Spiral Ring with Emeralds
Marquise Gold ring
Mini Cross-over Ring with Marquise
Wave ring with yellow Diamond
Ruby and 2 Diamond Ring
Drop Bag Earrings w. Green Amethysts
M-Ring with 3 Stones
Blue Topaz Emerald Cut Ladder Pend.
Shaped Ring
Daisy Chain necklace
Trilliant Helen Ring
18ct Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring
Trilliant Earrings with Diamonds
Opal Swan Pendant
18ct Gold and Diamond Ring
Double ring with 4 Stones
2 Metal Rose Quartz pendant
Yellow Beryl & Dia. Up/Up Trilliant
Bag Pendant w. Pink Sapphire and Dia
2 Blue Topaz Pendant
Diamond Champagne Ring
Ruby and Diamond Earrings
Initials Cufflinks
18ct, Platinum and Diamond
D-Shaped Wedding Rings
Tourmaline pendant
Double Ring with 5 Diamonds on Band


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