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18ct Gold Double Ring
Twisted Step ring w. Blue Topaz
Charlie ring w. band & Diamond
Open Cross-over w. Blue Topaz & Dia.
Cross-Roads Ring
Mini Double Cross-over
Cross-over w. 4 Stones
Cross-over Ring with 2 Diamonds
Square Darleen w. Green Amethyst
Charlie ring with 8mm Stone
Sections Ring with Pink Tourmaline
Four Fork Ring
Pebbles Ring
Large Marquise Flat Ring
Blue champagne Ring
D-Ring w. Green Tourmaline
Double ring with coloured stones
Triple Tapered Jeanette Ring
Ellipse Ring
D-Ring with Rhodolite Garnet
Double Cross-over w. 2 Stones
Crossed Not Cross-over ring
Wheel Ring with 6 Stones
Cross-Roads Ring
Rainbow Ring
Tapered Jeanette Rings
Crossed Not Cross-over ring
Crossed Not Cross-over ring
Double Ring with Blue Topaz
Band with 8 Garnets
Mini Ridge ring with Square
Fork Ring
Up/Down Trilliant Ring
Wheel Ring with Rhodolite Garnet
Slids ring with Trilliant
Two-Tone Rounded w. Blue Topaz
Closed Mini X-over Ring w. Diamond
Double Mini Cross-over Ring w. 2 St.
Mini Cross-over Ring w. Amethyst
Cross-over Ring with Trilliant
Double Tapered Jeanette Ring
Double ring with Rhodolite Garnet
Large Circle & Dot Ring
Double Cross-over Ring
Silver Square Darleen ring
Arrow w. Green Amethyst & Garnet
Charlie ring w. 2mm Princess cut Dia
Pink Tourmaline & 2 Gold ring w. Dia
Silver Double Cross-over ring
Silv. Huge Double ring w. Blue Topaz
Silver Cross-over ring
Silver and 18ct Rose Gold Step ring
Silver Huge Double ring
Silver Rope ring -1 Loop
City Ring with 2 Stones
Hooked Woodknot ring
Tubular Ring w. Dia. & 2 Pink Dia.
Mini Triple Straight-over
Ring with Trilliant & 4 Diamonds
Ladder ring w. Large Emerald Cut
Cross-over Ring with 4 Princess-cuts
Cross-over with 2 Stones
Hoff Ring
Grasses Ring
Charlie Ring w. Trilliant & 3 Dia.
Ladder Ring
Quad Mini Straight-over Ring
Double ring with Lapis Lazuli
Mini Cross-over Ring w. Princess-cut
Ladder Ring with Cabochon
Double Cross-over with 2 Stones
Rounded Woodknot Ring
Lene's Pebbles Ring
Charlie rings with 8mm Stone
Summer Medley Ring
Tubular Ring with 4 Diamonds
Large Circle & Dot Ring
Double Ring w. Green Tourmaline
Up/Up Trilliant Ring
Arrow Rings
Wave Ring
Open Mini Cross-over Ring
Band with Wave and Diamonds
Triangle Ring
City Portrait ring with Blue Topaz
Double Mini Cross-over Ring
Silver Grasses ring w. Blue Topaz
Grasses Ring
Couple ring with Golden Citrine
Swirly Woodknot Ring

Rings (Past Work)

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