18ct White Gold & Garnet Pendant
Pod pendant with Diamonds
Daisy Pendant with golden Citrine
Compasses pendant
Compasses Pendant
Bag pendant with Garnet
Metropolis pendant with Blue Topaz
City Pendant
Blue Topaz Drop
Bibi Mini Minstrel Pendant
Bowed Stick Pendant w. 3 Princ. Dia
Daisy Pendant with Amethyst
Triple Circle & Dot Pendant
Yellow Beryl and Diamond Pendant
18ct Rose Gold & Rose Quartz Pendant
Compasses Pendant
Short Grasses with Amethyst
3 Circle & Dot pendant
UFO w. Green Garnets on Smoky Quartz
Bag Pendant with Garnet Heart
Bag Pendant with Peridot
Circle & Dot Pendant with Peridot
Obelisk Pendant with 3 Diamonds
Pod pendants with Marquises
Square Bibi Pendant w. Stones
Huge Bag Pendant with Cubic Zirconia
Circle & Dot Pendant
Long Grasses Pendant w. Bolder Opal
Large Circle & Dot w. Citrine
Settings Pendant w. 4 Stones
18ct White Gold and Diamond Pendant
Short Grasses Pendant with Diamonds
Bibi Barrel on Onyx
Garnet Triple Circle & Dot Pendant
Drop Bag Pedant w. 2 Stones
Picture Agate Pendant
Long Grasses pendant on Smoky Quartz
Bag Pendant with Garnet
Square Bibi Pendant
Pod w. Topaz, Iolites and Agates
Large Circle & Dot w. Blue Topaz
Prenite Picture Pendant
Smoky Quartz Pendant
Long Grasses Pendant with Amethyst
Short Grasses with Matrix Opal
Rutilated Quartz Pendant
Green Tourmaline and Diamond Pendant
Circle & Dot Pendant with Garnet
Long Grasses Pendants w. Marquises
18ct Gold City Pendant
Daisy Chain Necklace
Bibi Half Minstrel Pend. w. Amethyst
Picture Jasper Pendant
Settings Pendant w. 4 Stones
Obelisk Pendant w. Dia. Princess-cut
Bibi Flag Pendant
Lemon Quartz Pebble Pendant
Circle & Dot pendant w. Amethyst
Pod pendant with 2 Blue Topaz
Quad. Circle & Dot Pendant
Citrine and Green Garnet Pendant
Short Grasses with Matrix Opal
Green Amethyst Marquise Pendant
Long Grasses Pendant on Pearls
Bibi Minstrel Pendant
Green Tourmaline & Pink Diamond
Drop Bag Pedant w. 2 Stones
Stick pendant with Garnet
Short Grasses Pendant
Sardine Pendant
Circle & Dot pendant with Iolite

Pendants (Past Work)